MiTek - Better Building Trough Off-site Technologies

Who is MiTek? MiTek is a global leader, providing integrated and innovative products, services, software, and solutions that empower the next generation of design, prefabrication, and construction in the building industry.

Addressing Industry Challenges: At MiTek, we’re not just solving structural challenges in the building industry; we’re on a mission to transform the way buildings are designed, made, and built. The construction industry is facing numerous challenges, from housing demand and sustainability issues to workforce shortages, waste, and supply chain disruptions. MiTek stands as a solution to these problems, with a unique approach rooted in innovation and collaboration.

MiTek’s Role in the Building Industry: MiTek serves as the Platform Innovator and Enabler, advocating for, teaching, and championing our partners at all levels of the building industry. From developers and designers to fabricators and builders, we collaborate to pioneer, promote, and produce technology and techniques that drive efficiency, quality, and profitability. Our ultimate goal is to meet the global demand for affordable, sustainable, and resilient buildings while ensuring the success of our partners.

What Sets MiTek Apart? MiTek’s differentiator is collaboration. We work across the building industry to drive transformational breakthroughs in design and construction. Our suite of software, services, engineered products, and automation empowers our partners to transform the way they design, make, and build.

The MiTek Method: Design. Make. Build. MiTek has infused its structural expertise into every aspect of our software to pioneer a next-gen construction process:

Design: We enable collaborative design decisions by bringing architects, engineers, builders, framers, trades, component fabricators, and manufacturers together. This upfront collaboration guides each design decision and optimizes construction.

Make: We simplify component design through our software, ensuring project efficiency.

Build: Our engineered products enable intelligent and high-integrity building assembly, while automation allows for high-speed manufacturing and fabrication. Professional services with our structural expertise are readily available whenever our customers need them.

This method creates a streamlined build, where instead of raw materials delivered to a construction site, builders receive componentised roof structures, wall panels, and floor trusses. This results in faster installation times and higher quality outcomes. Imagine receiving entire modular rooms ready to be snapped into place; that’s the kind of impact MiTek can make. We empower better building through off-site technologies.

Off-Site Technologies: MiTek reduces waste and increases value by optimising processes, both on-site and off-site. We’re reengineering how we build, accelerating the world toward a better way of building: Design, Make, Build.

Building Better Together: Combining engineered products with software, services, and automation, MiTek empowers owners, architects, builders, and manufacturers to collaborate. Our repeatable, scalable, and intelligent processes unlock value and profit from every project.

Imagine the Impact: Picture entire modular rooms ready to be snapped into place. MiTek makes it happen – empowering better building through off-site technologies.

Explore the possibilities with MiTek and experience a future where innovation and collaboration redefine construction.